Friday, June 18, 2010

The Summer So Far....

We are having so much fun this summer! We are loving it here in OKC, besides the crazy weather! Floods, Tornadoes and severe heat warnings! It has been awesome! Cody has been so busy this year, traveling alot and is constantly on the phone :) But he still manages to be an awesome Father and Husband! Me and brinley's days consists of the mall, pool and the daily trip to the grocery store :) We have so much fun with all the girls out here! It has been an awesome summer so far!

Chris and Lindsey :)

Brin and Aunt Karly

Brin at 19 months :) She is a little ball of energy! Its probably a good thing that she has not started walking until now! She is starting to talk alot and still loves Dora. She has such a funny personality and loves to be the center of attention at all times :) We sure love her!

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